Customized lifestyle photo shoots for brands are designed to build image libraries to be used in marketing and branding. In a single shoot, we can create hundreds of images that represent the brand's products or services. This amount of content could set you up for months of social media posts for a particular campaign, and give you royalty-free rights to use those images for years to come.  
A single lifestyle shoot can add up quickly as the production value goes up.  Models, photographers, stylists, assistants, craft services, etc., don't work for free.  Low budget productions often turn out lower quality content because we don't have high caliber models, or we don't have stylists to make the models or products look their best, or we don't have an additional photographer or videographer to double up on content.  
Cost sharing with other brands enables us to create more imagery and increase production value while reducing costs for an individual brand. 
How It Works
Each shoot will look a little different for numerous reasons.  We generally base a shoot around a concept first brought to us by a brand.  Once that concept is in place, we invite other brands to participate.  The biggest benefits to a shared shoot are getting more higher quality imagery while reducing the overall cost for each brand.  If we don't get enough brands to agree to the final shoot price, we simply put that project on pause until we get more brands involved.
​​​​​​​What does it cost?  First of all, there is no cost to discuss a concept and create a quote.  
If you are jumping in on a current concept, we would send you the quote and you would buy into it at whatever price shown based on the production value and number of brands involved. 
An example could look like this.  If a production costs $3,000 to produce, many smaller brands are going to jump ship.  If we partner with let's say four brands, each brand then gets access to all of the content for $750 each.  And if we can produce 200 images and videos, that's just $3.75 per image/video!  Much better than buying generic stock images that have nothing to do with your brand.
How many images will we get?  We will provide in the quote a guarantee of a certain number of images.  Again, all these details can vary depending on the shoot concept and budget.  In the case scenario below, we produced roughly 500 images using two photographers during a five hour shoot.
How can I use the images?  You receive a royalty free license to use the images.  This is a fairly open license to use for most business needs.  There are just a few limitations, such as no redistribution, reselling, making money from the image itself, use in a defamatory or inappropriate ways, etc.  If it's used to promote your business, it's probably ok.  You'll get an agreement with the details when partnering up with us for a shoot.
Who else can use the images?  The images we shoot are royalty free and will primarily be used by the partners involved.  Additionally, the images may be licensable by other parties through us and/or our stock agency(s).  Any images we license separately will have all branding removed (logos, copyrighted designs, artwork, tattoos, etc).  You do not receive rights to re-license or redistribute to others.
What if certain images don't pertain to our brand and we would have no use for them?  We understand that not every image will pertain to each brand participating.  During initial planning with the first brand involved in a shoot, we layout and agree to a cost sharing split with expected parties.  A location brand would likely have use of every image, and we factor that into the split.  Prior to any shoot, a brand is required to sign an agreement that shows what they agree to pay and the estimated number of images delivered.
Can I get exclusive rights?  Exclusivity could be an option for individual images, and it would be discussed during our initial meetings.  However, because we have partners involved in the shoots, that would have to be planned well and part of the agreement with the others.  It gets a little trickier, but it could be done.
Am I involved in the photo shoot?  Generally, no.  You've heard the expression "Too many cooks spoil the broth."?  Well that can be the case when multiple brands are all on set wanting to tell us what to do.  Your involvement comes into play during pre-production planning and making sure we have your products.  You'll provide guidelines on how to best photograph your product, and we'll take it from there.
Basically, you have to trust us to produce great content for you.  If you are for some reason not happy in the end, we'll work something out, possibly in the form of adding your products to the next shoot that makes sense.  We really do want you to be happy and to tell others about this type of opportunity, so we'll make it right.  But we don't think you'll be disappointed.
If you need to be on set during the shoot, you should consider a normal commercial shoot with just you and your products, where no other brands are involved.  
CASE SCENARIO - Luxury Hotel, Restaurant & Jeweler
Brands Involved:
Inn At 500 (Location Brand)

Richard's Restaurant (Location Brand)
Jensen Jewelers (Product Brand)
Budget: $7,050 (split between the three brands)
We produced a lifestyle stock shoot at this boutique hotel in downtown Boise, Idaho to build a library of images that each brand could use in social media marketing.  The plan was to photograph models throughout the hotel, from the valet and into the lobby, within the restaurant and bar, and within several of the high end suites. 
The shoot included about 10 models, 2 photographers, 1 production assistant, 1 stylist, the 3 brands and a handful of interested parties who found ways to be involved.  Shoot time was approximately 5 hours.  
All parties involved, from models to the brands themselves, shared images and tagged involved parties throughout the shoot to create a social media buzz about it.
In the end, the brands had approximately 500 images to put in their library for use in the campaign and future marketing needs.  Each brand spent just $4.70 per image and saved thousands on producing their own shoot.
More questions?  Send us a message through the contact form or give me a call directly.(208.989.2895).  We'd love to connect and inspire each other.
Prices and details are subject to change.

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