There are multiple ways to go about photographing your projects.  The best method is really dependent on the types of images you need and your budget.  We suggest a few styles of shooting, and we're in the works on two higher end models to produce even more relevant content.  Scroll down to review the options and info.  
Don't see what you're after?  Contact us to tailor to your specific projects and needs.
_________________1 - HERO SHOOTS________________
These shoots are produced to generate the most visually appealing images possible.  Consider them as high end portfolio pieces.  It's what we call the HERO shots, and often we shoot at twilight for exteriors to give that nice glow through the windows from the interior lights.  With interiors, we often adjust furniture placement to make the scene look right.
For Hero shoots, we operate using two basic fees: Creative Fee and Post Production Fee
Creative Fee: This component reflects the time and skill it takes to complete the project with high production quality images, including preproduction tasks: Client meetings, advance site visits, and other site-specific preparation. The Creative Fee also includes a boilerplate set of standard licensing rights (Editorial, Trade Show Display, Corporate Brochures, Website, Social Media, Professional Competitions, Trade Magazines, and Wall Display).         
$1000/day:     approx 6-12 images         
$600/half day:     approx 3-6 images         
$165/hr (2 hr min):     approx 1-3 images 
Post Production Fee: After the initial shoot, we spend a significant amount of time editing your images to make them perfect. This can include color correction, retouching, compositing, and preparing master files for final delivery. It is not unusual for the Post-Production work to consume as much time as the photography.              
Typical Project Example:
8 image shot list
Creative Fee: $1,000/day
Post Production: $125/image x 8
Total: $2,000
Sharing the cost of a project is a common and valuable practice. It is very beneficial to consider other parties who might benefit from photographs of your project: Owners, architects, builders, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, consultants, tenants, product manufacturers, etc.  We charge a licensing fee for each additional party, then divide the total fee by the number of parties involved, which can lead to huge savings for each client.                                         
Typical Project Example (4 parties):
8 image shot list
Creative Fee: $1,000/day
Post Production: $125/image x 8
Additional Party Licensing: $500
Additional Party Licensing: $500
Additional Party Licensing: $500
Subtotal: $3,500 ÷ 4
Total: $875 each party
_____________________2 - PORTFOLIO SHOOTS_____________________
These shoots generally require little pre-production (usually just phone or email discussions), last an hour or two, and the project exteriors and/or interiors are shot basically as-is.  We attempt to schedule for the best lighting conditions and we do clean up and arrange items in the scene when we feel it's necessary and as time permits. We do not charge post production fees because we run only basic editing on the final images. Typically you get more images from this shoot, but you don’t get quite the high production value images.
$350/project:     approx 15-35 images         
Cost Sharing Option:     $200 per Additional Party Licensing 
Additional Editing:     $75/hr
_____________3 - START-TO-FINISH SHOOT_(NEW)________________
From breaking ground to ribbon cutting, we will cover event editorial, construction progress, final portfolio images, and everything associated with the project.  A cost sharing model is considered and reviewed with interested parties.   A custom proposal and bid would be offered depending on various factors including location, duration of build, etc.   Contact for more details. ​​​​​​​
Every brand needs images for marketing, including social media, print, etc.  We figure that if we're already on location photographing a building, we may as well bring in models and create lifestyle content that really makes the environment come to life.  This type of shoot might be most attractive to resort location brands (i.e. hotels and destination resorts) who need more of this lifestyle imagery to coincide with their brand and identity.
This is a new concept we're looking to launch.  Your thoughts and ideas, and of course your upcoming projects, will help us with a case scenario.  If you're interested in partnering with us to produce a first shoot of this style, please contact us.  For now, check out a stock shoot we produced for a hotel brand in southern Idaho.
________________________5 - DRIVE-BY________________________
For a quick and inexpensive option, we simply drive by the location and photograph a few exteriors or interiors as is.  This is a very basic image that simply gives you a reference of the project.  No post production unless special requests are made for an additional fee.  Limitations due to location may apply.
$150/project:     2-3 images         
$125 each for 2+ projects
Additional Editing:     $75/hr
​​​​​​​*  Additional fees using any option above may include travel, specialty equipment or other factors, though will be agreed upon prior to shooting.  These fees would be included in the split when using the cost sharing model. 
*  Exclusive rights to the images is an option with an increased creative fee. 
*  Images may not be shared with third parties.
*  Prices and details are subject to change.  This information was last updated April 3, 2019.

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